Sep 21, 2019

Naval's Work Rules

Work rules:
  1. Delete emails w/o responding or flinching. 
  2. Don’t set up voicemail. 
  3. Don’t travel purely for business. 
  4. Don’t go to conferences unless speaking. 
  5. Eat dinner with friends or family. 
  6. Use blocks of open time to create, make good decisions, & focus on important over urgent. 
"Meetings are the death of productivity."

Specific rules for meetings:
  1. No meetings before 11am. 
  2. No meetings when emails or calls will do. 
  3. Don’t schedule calls, text coordinate them on the fly when possible. 
  4. Cram all meetings into two days a week. 
  5. 1-on-1s are usually 30-minute walking meetings. 
  6. Upgrade walking meetings to walking up and down hills if all parties are up for it.