Jan 15, 2017

Some Basic Questions About Global Warming

The theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is premised on certainty. Scientists are said to be certain the planet is warming, certain that man is the cause and certain the results will be catastrophic.

Yet when I ask even basic questions, I encounter a lot of uncertainty. Here are seven such questions:

1. What is the current global temperature?

2. A hundred years ago, we didn’t have satellites or ocean monitoring. There were far fewer weather stations, and the technology was much less sophisticated than it is today. So how do we know what the correct global temperature was back then?

3. A hundred years from now, our energy technology will be completely different than it is today. So how can we correctly predict what the global temperature will be?

Related question: Meteorologists don’t understand the weather well enough to forecast accurately beyond a few days. Many times, even those forecasts are wrong. So why do we think we can accurately predict the weather decades from now?

4. What percentage of warming is attributable to burning fossil fuels vs. natural variation?

5. What is the optimal global temperature? Is it warmer or cooler than it is now?

6. What is the optimal amount of atmospheric CO2? Is it more or less than we have now?

7. What would it take for us to stop the planet from warming? How likely is it that we would take that action?